iPhone Data Recovery

iPhone Data Recovery Services

Introducing our solution for recovering lost data from your iPhone. Trust our expertise to assess your situation, provide solutions, and restore your data promptly. Contact us today to learn more.

Data Retrieval Services Available

We provide data recovery services starting at $175, with prices varying up to $1,250 or more based on the complexity of the situation. For newer models like the iPhone X and beyond, rates begin at $375 and may extend to $1,250 or beyond due to their advanced technology and intricacy. Our approach involves employing techniques akin to those used in component-level logic board repairs, including jumper runs and component replacements, to securely recover your data. Charges are applicable only upon successful data retrieval; otherwise, there is a nominal $25 fee for reassembling your phone.

How it Works

We carefully handle your iPhone’s logic board, cleaning it thoroughly to remove corrosion and replacing damaged components to restore data pathways. This approach ensures effective data salvage from liquid-damaged phones, preventing further damage.

Common iPhone Data Recovery Questions

Yes, it’s possible to recover deleted photos and videos from your iPhone using data recovery software or services. These tools can often retrieve deleted media files even after they have been removed from the Recently Deleted album.

You can recover lost contacts and messages from your iPhone by restoring from an iCloud or iTunes backup that contains the deleted data. Alternatively, you can use data recovery software specifically designed for iPhones to retrieve the lost information directly from the device.

Data recovery from a water-damaged iPhone can be challenging, but it’s possible with professional assistance. Specialized techniques and equipment may be required to extract and salvage data from the device’s internal storage components.

Yes, data recovery is still possible from a broken iPhone with a shattered screen. You can either attempt to access the device’s data by connecting it to a computer or seek professional assistance to extract the data using specialized tools and techniques.

While there are some free data recovery software options available for iPhones, they may have limitations in terms of functionality and success rate. Paid software or professional data recovery services often yield better results for more complex data loss scenarios.

The duration of the data recovery process for an iPhone depends on various factors, including the amount of data to be recovered, the complexity of the issue, and the chosen recovery method. It can range from a few hours to several days.

When performed correctly, data recovery on an iPhone should not cause any damage to the device or existing data. However, it’s essential to use reputable software or services to minimize the risk of data loss or further damage.

Data recovery from a factory reset iPhone is challenging but possible with specialized software tools or professional assistance. However, the success rate may vary, and some data may be permanently lost, especially if the reset was performed using the “Erase All Content and Settings” option.

To prevent data loss on your iPhone, regularly back up your device using iCloud or iTunes, enable iCloud Photo Library and iCloud Drive for automatic syncing of photos and documents, use secure passwords and two-factor authentication to protect your data, and avoid jailbreaking your device or installing unreliable software. Additionally, consider using third-party cloud storage services or external backup solutions for added redundancy.

Data Recovery Services


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